Power + 20%

                                                          Torque + 25%

                                                      Consumption - 10%


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                                    20% more power, 100% more fun!


Genercom Fastpower Powerbox is a new generation of digital electronic modules designed to increase the power of diesel engines with common rail and unit injector(PD) injection systems. Our long experience in tuning and development in Italy allows us to offer an unparalled level of flexibility and precision - our modules allow the possibility for separate adjustment of settings on a scale from 0 to 100 in Low, Medium and High engine rounds per minute(RPM's), hence the power curve of the engine can be altered in 1 million possible values and combinations! With these capabilities Genercom FastPower easily outperforms all similar devices on the market, and in addition, there is the possibility to connect an RF remote control, with which Genercom Fastpower Powerbox can be switched on or off on the move. The Fastpower PowerBox has an advanced system of self-adaptation that takes in account the driver's driving habits and driving style. The heart of the digital system is a fast Motorola Freescale™ micro-processor, which manages the process of fuel injection and increases power by 20% and torque by 25%! Due to the optimization of the injection time and fuel pressure preserving your normal driving style, provides a geniuine 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption. The connection of FASTPOWER Powerbox is straight-forward and plug and play and can be carried out in 5-10 minutes by non-professionals.



FastPower Digital Powerbox is connected between the fuel injection system and the engine control unit of the car). Capturing the data exchanged between the computer and sensors that monitor the operation of the engine, the Genercom Fastpower PowerBox recalculates and optimizes the values for more power and lower fuel consumption (the volume, timing and injection pressure are all altered at the same time. Our dedication to high quality is not limited to the development of advanced digital products and its software. All FastPower PowerBoxes use only high quality OEM connectors for additional assurance that the achieved power will be there for the lifetime of your car.



Only the Fastpower Powerbox of Genercom allows the finest tuning of the fuel system with 1 million possible settings. This ensures the smooth power control from the stock power level up to the maximum possible values. Unlike other standard power boxes that incorparate several standard settings changed by pressing a button, with Genercom Power Box you have an infinitely more precise and professional adjustment of the fuel at all driving speeds and rpms and this allows the user to adjust the settings of the powerbox much closer to the factory allowed limit(before a warning lamp on the dashboard briefly comes on to warn that the factory limit has been reached). The so called 'general default settings' (usually 2 or 3) for whole groups of makes and models of cars of other regular powerboxes are an imprecise commercial compromise and ruin the possibility to effectively utilise the potential for power increase left by the car manufacturer.

You keep you original ECU software without modifications.

In case your car is still in warranty, you can remove the PowerBox in less than 2 minutes and avoid the risk that the dealer could find out that you have increased the power and thus cancel the warranty. With chip tuning(ECU remap), there is always the possibility that service technicians will discover the software modifications.

Practically 100% guaranteed increase of engine power with noticeable improvement in throttle response time.

1 million different fuel maps of power and torque by  means of adjusting the Power, Low, Mid and High RPM's trimmers (It's possible to smooth out and eliminate the so-called turbo hole found in most diesel cars).

2 years full warranty.

Highly flexible adjustment of power and torque in 3 ranges - Low, Medium and High engine speeds (engines with pump nozzle injection are adjusted byy 2 trimmers optimizing the MAF and Fuel temperature signals). A disadvantage of other standard powerboxes and chip tuning/remap is the better flexibility of fuel ijection regulation found in Genercom FastPower PowerBoxes.

Noticeable increase in power at low engine rpm's before the turbocharger has kicked in (practice shows an earlier activation of the turbo-compressor by 100-200 rpms / min. with better pulling power before the turbo kicks in).

Very safe increase of engine power - the engine is running in a regime allowed by the stringent requirements of automotive manufacturers. The integrated automatic cut off of the injection pressure in the common rail engines does not allow the pressure to be increased to a non desireable levels. This means that even if your vehicle is hooked up to the service diagnostic equipment of your automotive dealer, it will not detect the presence of Genercom FastPower. Remapping a vehicle risks having your warranty cancelled.

Professional help and advice 7 days a week during office hour. 

Easy plug-and-play installation.

  If you sell your car, you can transfer the powerbox to your new car and avoid losing your investment, which otherwise you would have lost with chip tuning(remap).

  All Genercom powerboxes modules are designed and manufactured in Italy by specialists working for the Abarth tuning division of FIAT and meet all contemporary European requirements for safety and quality.





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