NEW! Removal of DPF/ FAP filters on Subaru and Mazda vehicles with DENSO ecu


Vehicles equpped with DPF filter after a certain mileage (typically over 100 to 150,000 kilometers.) require DPF replacement as part of the maintenance service. The DPF filter is an integral part of the exhaust system of diesel vehicles manufactured after 2005 and is located after the catalyst and by means of several sensors is entirely controlled by the car’s ECU. The purpose of the DPF filter is to collect the unburned fuel particles (soot) passing through the catalyst. Problems arise when the filter is filled to its maximum capacity. To clean the filter, the computer of the vehicle must increase the exhaust temperature to cause a secondary combustion process (regeneration), and this is achieved by increasing the amount of additional fuel in an additional injection phase. It does not provide extra power and the role and of the DPF system is to afterburn the trapped particles in the DPF filter. Driving short distances and fuel of suspect quality further shorten the life of the DPF filter.
Once the DPF has reached the end of its life cycle, the filter must be replaced or removed. In the first case with an investment of several thousand euro, the system for cleaning the fine particles us returned to new, factory condition and generally retains its properties for several more years. With the second option, the removal of DPF / FAP filter that has reached the end of its life cycle goes through two phases - the physical removal of the filter and subsequent modifications on the computer of the car (ECU). Software modifications are required in order to prevent the regeneration process, to avoid a limp mode and the errors associated with elements that can not be found by the ECU in the system. Undoubtedly, the costliest alternative is changing the old filter with a new one.  In most cases the price of a new DPF/FAP filter is more than 1500 euro, and the sensors that connect to it are often unfit for reuse.


Driving with a clogged DPF / FAP filter more than 50% (with illuminated warning lights on the dashboard) can lead to loss of power, excessive fuel consumption, engine overheating, mixing of diesel fuel and engine oil, partial or total damage the engine and turbocharger, and in more than 80% obstruction a potential for fire.


We can safely remove DPF / FAP filters on the latest generation of cars with anti-tuning protection (EDC17 ECU), which involves the removal of the control unit and reading / writing on a stand alone stand (BDM tuning). We can restore bricked (blocked) ECU due to attempted DPF removal using Chinese equipment and / or pirate software.

What are the advantages?


- Lifetime warranty for services rendered in the removal of DPF / FAP filter.

- Reasonable price.

- End of reduced power and limp mode.

- End of service lights on the dashboard.

- Reduced fuel consumption (especially compared with a highly clogged DPF).

- Better acceleration in all gears.

- Your vehicle will leave our workshop in a state as if is it had never been equipped with a DPF filter.

- Potential to achieve high power and torque with chip tuning / powerbox.

- Safe and reliable way to save future headaches.

- Call for special price for the combined removal of DPF / FAP filter and chip tuning.

- Ability to sell your old DPF filter and save some of the cost of the removal - call for current purchase price of your old DPF filter .

- You can rely on our long experience in working with DPF systems. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and trouble-free operation of the engine after removing the DPF / FAP filter.

What are the disadvantages of the DPF removal?


- Increased levels of harmful emissions into the atmosphere



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